End of Year Celebration and Graduation of Programs 2016

holiday partyThis past weekend at Mother’s For Justice and Equality we came together for a celebration. What seemed like a snow filled day for some at MJE it was a day of coming together to commemorate our members and the participants of all the programs we work so hard to create. Over a hundred people filled the ballroom. There were tears of joy, laughter but most of all unity.  “These women have been through so much, to be able to see them smile again makes it all worth it. This is what we do this for,” says President Monalisa Smith when asked how she felt about the end of the year celebration.


Mother’s for Justice and Equality was able to give over 100 gifts donated by toys for tots to children in need who holiday activities definitely deserved it this holiday. “This was a day for the kids, ” says program organizer Dominique Smith who was responsible for the event coming together. “We are glad we can make the children happy and we get to celebrate another year of programs “. The end of the year holiday celebration took place at the Hibernian hall where the women who worked, healed, and grew from their experiences within the program You Matter leadership received their certificate of completion.  You Matter Leadership is one of the first implemented programs within MJE as well as one of the most successful at impacting change allowing women to get back into society after suffering through a traumatic experience.


After accepting their certificates, everyone gathered around for pictures and networking while the guests get ready for Santa Claus to distribute the toys to all of the children who made an appearance. While the children patiently waited, the girl’s group participants shared their poems and public service announcements. They shared news and statistics youth PSA about their communities and how residents can become involved to stop the violence within our youth. Many guests came out to show support to Mother’s for Justice and Equality.  Among the guests in attendance police commissioner, William B Evans was present to celebrate another year of programs with MJE. Commissioner Evans has been a long supporter of MJE’s efforts to end neighborhood violence. We are so glad we had him come out and support this cause.  MJE team members could not be any prouder of all they have accomplished this year alone and cannot wait for many more events to come this following year.


Stay tuned for more events and programs coming up in 2017. For more information about our programs and events please visit http://mothersforjusticeandequality.org/ or call us at 617-516-8086