Monalisa Smith Speaks out Against Violence in Our Neighborhoods At RPP Colloquium Dinnertime Series

This is past week our very own president and founder of Mothers for RPP 1Justice and Equality was a special guest speaker on the panel of Religions of the Practice of Peace Colloquium dinnertime series at Harvard Divinity School.  


As we watched each speaker, discuss how to tackle gun violence in African American communities, we were witness to a powerful message by Monalisa Smith, letting citizens of our community know it is not ok.  What is  “It is Not Ok”?  It’s not ok is a symbol of the dissatisfaction, the anger, the pain that is endured by many families day in and day out. She spoke on behalf of so many that feel the same discontent about the reality we live in.

“Violence in our neighborhoods is concentrated in impoverished areas within major cities”. She spoke on behalf of the very people that live in these areas, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. More importantly, she touched upon the topic of change. In order for violence to stop we need a change. We have to c

Monalisa Smith RPP hange the dynamic and system within which we live in. She used MJE’s operating model as the premise for change in our communities.


Through education and engagement, she discussed being able to find a solution for such problem. She proposes that through training, individuals can have a voice. That through working with civic leaders we can help build change and lower the violence rates in these areas within Boston.  MJE’s goal is to stop violence in our communities, “It’s Not Okay and we will never accept the senseless killings of young black men and women as a normal.


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