Mje Visits WDHD Offices to Speak on MJE’s Mission and Vision to End Neighborhood Violence


Last Month MJE was featured on the TV show “Higher Ground on WDHD. This segment was focused on issues that we are currently facing in our communities most specifically those living in poverty and experiencing violence in their communities. President & CEO Monalisa Smith and Peer Advocate Leader Aretha Mauge were both featured guests on the show where they both gave their own accounts about their experience with violence in the neighborhoods of Boston Massachusetts.  Both women were impacted directly by street violence where Monalisa lost her nephew and Aretha lost her son to murder by violence.

No mother should have to experience the loss of her son, daughter, nephew, niece or any family member for that matter to street violence. From the trauma and grief Mothers for Justice and Equality was founded in 2010. As Monalisa explains ” we have to share our stories, people need to know that our children’s lives matter and that hope speaks. This being the premise of which MJE was founded in 2010.  7 years later,  we are able to see how much Mothers for Justice has grown. From the implementation of its signature program, You Matter Personal Leadership Training  and  the youth peer leadership programs implemented soon after in 2013 began it all.  After 4 years of being in service, MJE  have helped over a 300 women and children in the community in helping educate them on how to be a leader and an advocate in their communities.


To learn more about Mothers for Justice and Equality  and programs please visit http://mothersforjusticeandequality.org/programs/  or call us at 617-516-8086

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