Support Our Youth Gala Through Baked Goods

This month the youth at MJE have been working vigorously to gain support for their youth gala event coming up May 5th, 2017. This year Mothers for Justice and Equality wanted to bring something different to its youth program.

In 2017 the youth leadership program proposed its annual youth event to encompass “Beyond Your Community”. The goal, to motivate youths to seek and experience opportunities outside of their neighborhoods and communities. Our youth program consists of high school students ranging in the ages of 14-17. This is the time for them to explore and gain interests outside of the normal everyday routine they are accustomed to. The youth at MJE are bright individuals, eager to learn, eager for knowledge and involvement.

Boston is one of the best cities to live in for so many industries and education programs it offers. So many teens come out of state and out of the country to come here and be a part of something great. It’s time to offer that platform to our kids, our local communities our youths.

Be a part of that change, give them the opportunity to connect, meet professionals, and influencers in the Boston area. Allow them the opportunity to ask questions and gain a different perspective on life outside our neighborhoods.  Let them know there is so much more out there than what they think. “Life doesn’t stop at your block.”

We thank everyone for all of their support thus far and we ask if you would be able to donate and help the youths to support the youth gala in May.

There are many ways to support.  Show your support by purchasing baked goods, our youth will be in every Friday from 3pm-5pm at 184 Dudley street first floor.

Purchase a ticket for yourself or a loved one to join us for our annual youth event by visiting

MJE Youth Empowerment Gala  

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