Parent University Spring Learning Conference

This weekend, Mothers for Justice and Equality had the pleasure of facilitating two workshops at the Parent University Learning Conference Saturday, April 29th. Our President & CEO Monalisa Smith facilitated the Future Financial Planning workshop designed to help participants understand the importance of establishing and maintaining financial goals that are measurable attainable, realistic and wise. While also maintaining your finances and paying them in a timely manner.

If that wasn’t enough, Mothers for Justice also was a part of the afternoon portion classes with Senior Education Manager Dominique Smith facilitating “visioning for the future” where participants gained the opportunity to explore where they see themselves in the future. The workshop was aimed to help participants design the path to becoming leaders of their own lives and communities. The participants were able to present and showcase their vision boards sharing with us what motivates them, what they hope to achieve in the future and how they would like to be part of the difference they see in the community. The participants shared stories of their past, what their goals for the present and future are and how they wanted to contribute to be a part of the community they live in.

At Mothers for justice and equality we are so proud to able to provide these classes aimed to uplift parents, individuals and families to reach higher success in finance and life.  Please take a look at the snippets below of the women presenting their vision boards for recap of what you may have missed over the weekend.  If you would like to see our video  please see below


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