Mothers for Justice and Equality’s Mothers Corner Cafe Mondays Series

What a better way to start the week than with your local organization Mothers for Justice and Equality spreading the love by giving out free donuts, coffee, and hugs. With all the violence going on in our neighborhoods, we need to reassure our neighbors and families that we cannot give up. We need to stand together during this time. We will not be defeated. We will not live in fear and we want everyone to know it. We will not accept violence as a norm in our communities. The coffee and donuts are more than just treats, We would like to educate, engage and empower all of our residents to stand together against violence in our communities. It is not ok for any child to be murdered, it is not ok to not feel safe walking outside.

Our Mother’s Corner Cafe was at the Forest Hills MBTA station yesterday morning delivering morning treats, love and positivity and we hope you all felt it

Take a stand with Mothers for Justice and Equality!  #WESAYITSNOTOK


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