Mothers for Justice and Equality STEM Museum Day Out

IMG_1963Stem program 5 Our  STEM Service Learning summer program focuses on engaging in the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This Summer our team led the youth on a field trip to the Museum of Science in Cambridge, Massachusetts. While walking the exhibit halls you can see the curiosity in their eyes, the gears turning as they pass displays and tinker with gadgets. As part of a design challenge at the museum, children were able to create their very own bobsleds where they used fabric, batteries, binder clips and small crates. This activity was part of an idea to help kids get engaged in the same conceptualization, implementation and execution process engineers and scientists take on in real life. Giving kids first-hand experience on building and being able to naturally explore what one can create with a few simple articles – an important part of the engineering process. The first car was created by a German engineer in 1885 with the idea that he wanted to construct a method of transportation for people to move from place to place. Curiosity and imagination are all it takes!


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