Mothers for Justice and Equality provides four types of Health and Wellness workshops.

BeFit Workshop Objectives
● Learn about mental and physical health, and how stress impacts both.
● Gain tools for how to improve mental and physical health.
● Learn about different types of fitness activities to relieve stress and
improve health.

Healing through the Arts Workshop Objectives
● Use art to process trauma and foster healing.
● Each art activity will shed insight into participant’s inner thoughts and
feelings, and allow them to express emotions that we sometimes keep
● Build relationships through sharing artistic journeys and creations.

Healthy Relationships Workshop Objectives
● Learn about healthy and unhealthy relationships, and what domestic
violence looks like.
● Learn how to put up healthy boundaries and say “no” to others so we
can say “yes” to ourselves.
● Explore personal relationships, and learn skills to solve conflicts.

Trauma and Resilience Workshop Objectives
● Learn about the impact of trauma on one’s lifespan development and
● Explore ways to foster resilience and heal from trauma.
● Hold space to share personal experiences and bear witness to the
experience of others, in a safe environment.