What is the Financial Education Program ?

The FLP program was founded in 2014. The program was designed to help individuals understand the importance of establishing and maintaining goals that are measurable, attainable, realistic, wise and in a timely fashion. At MJE we strongly believe that instilling knowledge on financial independence is the key to reducing poverty and ending violence.

Who Do We Serve:

FLP strives to educate women and men from various economic backgrounds with the proper tools for them to succeed in society. We aim to serve those individuals that are low-income, high-risk undeserved, as well as victims of violence.

Many of the participants who finish the program receive a certificate of completion and go on to great success with the skills attained to prepare them for financial success not only in the home but in the workplace as well.


How Do We Help?

We help them achieve success through a series of workshops within the FLP program pertaining but not limited to

  • Money Management
  • Building credit and how to manage Financial Education Program
  • Borrowing loans and how to avoid debt,
  • Creating SMART GOALS and plans for the future

SMART GOALS is a term we have created to instill hope and determination in moving forward.

These goals encompass what participants have already learned concerning  financial planning/education , budgeting, bank account checking and savings comparison, needs vs wants analysis, and more.


If you would like to learn more regarding our Financial Education Program and How to Join

Please contact us via email at info@mothersforjusticeandequality.org or Call us at 617-516-8086