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Thank you for your interest in supporting Mothers For Justice & Equality. There are many ways to get involved. 

motherinvolvement-donateDonate to MJE to help us continue our work

Volunteer your time

Offer your services

Believe that violence is not normal or acceptable for any neighborhood

Spread awareness through your social networks

Participate in the Monthly Empowerment Meeting

Raise your voice in our marches and rallies

Learn to be a civic leader: Meet your neighbors, be an active voice at your child’s school, pay attention to what’s happening in your neighborhood, call the police if necessary, listen to your children, remind them that they are somebody already, reinforce that they have choices and opportunities, teach them about safety.

“I am more and more persuaded that government cannot do this alone. And, as I have sat down with a group of mothers who have lost children to violence, they really have been making this point as well, that they want to work with us and law enforcement, community groups and victims advocates, and others to develop a comprehensive strategy.’’

– Governor Deval Patrick

The time to end violence in our neighborhoods is now. Stand with us as we as we proclaim,

“It’s Not OK!”

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