Youth Peer Leadership Program


What is the Youth Peer Leadership Program?

MJE’s youth peer leadership program began in 2013 with efforts to empower our youth in the city of Boston. The Youth Peer leadership program serves kids year round as an after-school and summer program to provide youth with an outlet to express themselves brought about through a series of workshops intended to teach the youth about the following:

  • Trauma-informed Leadership
  • Workforce preparation
  • Academic tutoring
  • Peer to peer support
  • Professional development and so much more

Through the Youth Peer Leadership Program. MJE gives kids a platform to express themselves freely, a space to speak and reflect on occurrences happening in their lives and in the community.  

We expose them to different opportunities and guest speakers that interact with the youth and inspire them to be successful

Notable Guest Speakers include:

Who Do We Serve:

The Youth Peer Leadership program aims to help young kids and teens who are at risk of being witnesses, perpetrators, and victims of violence in the community.  

In early 2016 MJE teamed up with two schools in order to increase the participants of the program and assist more at-risk youth. Partnerships consisted of Mildred Avenue K-8 School and Codman Academy Charter Public School. 

Our main targets are preteens and teens heading into high school ages 13-18

In order to remain in the program students are expected to follow the following requirements:

  • Maintain a  C+ grade point average (enforced)
  • Study hall is available if needed, students receive progress reports to measure success

How Do We Help?

Through the youth leadership program, we encourage students to facilitate their own school workshops, we take them on trips to explore college campuses and get them excited to apply to college and more

Our Youth Leadership Team Are Exposed To Learning About

  • Peer to peer support to each other
  • Talk about issues they are currently facing, give each other positive feedback
  • Act as advocates to each other
  • Expose them to labor force by providing them with an hourly income when helping out with  events, outreach work, and conferences where youth is present

To learn more about our Youth Peer Leadership Program

please email or Call Us at 617-516-8086 so a program specialist can help you