WHAT IS THE STEM PROGRAMscience-project-2

MJE’s STEM is a 7-week program that supports middle school students by combining service learning with academics in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math alongside leadership development.


MJE launched the STEM program the summer of 2016, serving over 20 students from various neighborhoods of Boston. In 2017 MJE STEM program was awarded additional funding from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DOE). We also established a partnership with two local public schools.


school-project-1HOW DO WE HELP

STEM was created and designed to teach students ways to use science, math, technology and engineering to help solve social problems. At MJE STEM service learning focus area is homelessness.  



Students are able to explore ways to combat homeless by using math, science, and technology to explore ways to raise and eliminate chronic homelessness in the local community.
Some of the projects that students implemented encompassed providing survival necessities for the homeless for example:

  • students created gardens where they planted fruits and vegetables to provide food for the homeless
  • students created portable lights for nighttime travel for homeless
  • students created lemonade stands where they used their math skills to provide change and raise money and reach a goal to provide for our homeless.


STEM is a part of our daily lives. We use it every day in real life situations. By giving students the opportunities to explore STEM-related ideas. We expose children to the math and sciences in a manner that is enjoyable and interesting and most of all fun.

We are aware that the direction our world is moving in is one that is technology driven and one that calls for innovation makers more than ever. The goal MJE and Boston Public Schools have for our children is to spark an interest in the sciences in efforts to use the knowledge they learn as a way to solve a community problem but also as a way to integrate themselves into the subjects that are going to make them into the future leaders of tomorrow.

At MJE we empower people into action,  We envision a better tomorrow and we know it starts with the kids.  When we see our kids we see the future of tomorrow and that is our intent in the MJE motivated STEM program.


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To speak with a program associate please call 617-516-8086 or email Youth Program associates ljean@mothersforjusticeandequality.org or shawkins@mothersforjusticeandequality.org