img_0113This training was written and developed by MJE to engage in educating individuals to be change makers in their homes and communities. It is designed as an eight-week educational curriculum with a graduation celebration in the ninth week. Program participants will acquire the skills and tools needed for engaging their families and communities in dialogue, inquiry, and action as well as the knowledge to educate others who are invested in helping their families and communities. The You Matter: Personal Development and Leadership Training provides program participants with a roadmap of self-exploration, community assessment, envisioning, and networking toward building stronger, safer communities.

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MJE has spent the past three years building out the Education work which has resulted in a strong Alumni Network of 100 women who are now trained to hold jobs within MJE and the community. Their role at MJE provides an opportunity to put their training into practice; in fact, almost all current staff at MJE are program participants.

Furthermore, the Alumni Network provides MJE with hands-on volunteers and provides the Alumni with real-time workforce opportunities preparing them for sustainable employment.

Recent Adult program outcomes include:

  • 200 individuals have completed the You Matter Training both at MJE and at new community-based locations such as libraries, local schools, and other sites.
  • 100% of participants gained understanding about the impact of trauma and violence on their lives and in the community.
  • 100% of participants increased their ability to educate and advocate for change in the community and through public processes
    100% of women participate in workforce readiness initiatives following their You Matter training.
  • 85% of participants have obtained sustainable employment within 12 months of program completion.
  • 100% of the house of correction inmates will successfully develop a financial plan before re-entering the community

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